Galileo to drive Electro-car public transport system

electro-car public transport (galileo)

An international competition to drum-up novel ideas (and generate press, ding!) for the multi-billion-euro Galileo sat-nav system has just completed. The winning entrant, the Electro-car concept, features electrically powered "mini-cars" equipped with highly precise positioning equipment made capable by Galileo's promise of real-time, sub-meter positioning. Punters would use the Internet to track down the nearest vehicle, insert their smartcard to activate it, and leave the vehicle wherever they wanted — the service provider would be responsible for hunting down and recharging the vehicles every few days. Sounds great, however, like all those tried-and-failed community-hippy-bike programs (we jest!), they will have to be sure to seriously safeguard against theft and vandalism. But hey, they have lots of time to sort out the issues since Galileo won't fully deliver until the end of the decade, by which time we'll also have helper bots, artificial eyes, and corn-based laptops... so anything is possible.

[Via smartmobs]