The IBUS school bus tracking sysyem

School bus

The crazy thing about kids and privacy is that since they sorta have no rights (when you think about it), we can force all sorts of crazy invasive surveillance systems on them. We'd all freak out if George Bush announced that anyone who wanted to fly on a plane had to get chipped, but we don't think twice about parents who want to implant a GPS tracking chip in their child (to prevent kidnappings, naturally). Anyway the latest Sign-of-the-Beast-for-kids is National Scientific's new WiFi version of their IBUS tracking system, which puts a GPS module with an ID card reader into school buses. The GPS school officials can keep track of the location of each bus in real-time, and the addition of WiFi relays this info back to them so they can know exactly when and where students (who have to swipe their ID cards) board and get off of the bus.

[Via Daily Wireless]